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Ivory Cloud Car Seat


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Want your dog to travel in safety – and in style?
Make sure the seat bed you’ve chosen meets your vision perfectly
This Ivory Cloud Car Seat Bed is the right fit for everyone who loves having their dog as a travel companion. While your dog will adore the micro plush material the bed is made of, you will feel at ease knowing he or she is safely tucked away with the safety hook and seat belt straps. With the natural poly fiber fill and soft fabric, the bed provides amazing comfort and never-ending cuddles to your dog. And beyond the comfort and ease for your furry friends, it ensures a safe ride for them as well, meaning you can drive confidently with no distractions or worries.
Want your car to stay classy at all times?
Make an upgrade to its interior with a lovely pet bed
The Ivory color scheme and the modern design of the seat bed creates a special look that goes well with any car. 
Create this inspirational feeling inside your vehicle that just encourages you to share the road adventures with your dog and makes both of you excited with the experience!
Apart from the glorious addition this dog bed makes to the overall appearance of your car interior, it gives you a hand in a smart space organization. No need to worry about your furry companion wandering off and distracting you from driving: with all the snuggles this seat bed provides, leaving it just won’t be an option!
Help your pet enjoy the trip
Don’t want your dog to feel abandoned and bored while you’re taking it to the long awaited destination? The soft and cuddly material of the bed simply won’t let it feel neglected or uncomfortable! That’s the best care you can give your pet while being on the road, and the best travelling experience you can create and share with it.
Drive safely
Having no need to check on your dog’s well-being and location throughout the trip, you can focus your attention on driving solely, and make sure both you and your pet reach the destination with no unexpected challenges. Thanks to the safety hook and the seat belt straps the seat bed is equipped with, your pet stays safe during the whole journey.
Please note that the seat bed must be used with a harness to provide your dog with the maximum protection.
About Nandog Pet Gear

After recognizing the limited options available to price-conscious dog owners for products that were not only affordable, but stylish and durable as well, Nando Vergara set out to create a specialty line of supplies and accessories that catered to the trendy dog-enthusiasts on a budget.

With the help of partner Mitch Klapow, the two put their creative minds together and developed a brand geared to dog owners with a passion for fashion. With a combined 20 years of experience in the pet industry, these guys know what they’re doing. Fueled by their passion, the two brought their vision to life, launching Nandog Pet Gear in 2010. What began as a dream has flourished into a successful brand that is now featured in boutique specialty shops and large retailers across the United States.

Nandog Pet Gear carries a variety of products including retractable leashes, toys, grooming essentials, travel accessories, and home décor, all boasting a high-end look without the designer price tag.

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Los Angeles, California
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Made in USA
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  1. N***o

    Love it! My pups can’t wait for a walk every time we ride somewhere; they love it so much. Sometimes I bring I home so that they could sleep in it. Would be great of it was a little taller, so that pets could look out of the car.

  2. C***s

    Loving this, great purchase. Could be a little cheaper, but I guess the quality is worth it.

  3. J***e

    Honestly I want this seat for myself: it’s super comfy and snuggly, my other pup who has a seat from another brand sometimes fights for this seat.

  4. S***n

    A bit disappointed with the way the car seat looks and the quality (doesn’t seem very sturdy at all) but my dog likes it. He hates being in the car and I think he feels more secure all snuggled up in the seat. He is 28lb and somehow fits in it.

  5. P***a

    Good quality. Color was a little darker than expected but the pup jumped right in and took to it well.

  6. A***a

    Awesome car seat!

  7. B***d

    I made a bet with my sister to see which room will our dog sleep in the most. My sister was very confident because our dog had been sleeping in her room because he loves the carpet in her room. I decided to purchase this bed to give it shot. Immediately that night, my dog came and has been coming every single night. He absolutely love this bed and is spending all this time on it. He would bring his toy on to the bed as well.

  8. C***n

    Looks great and is comfy!

  9. J***v

    This is soft and would be good for an indoor bed if it wasn’t white easily made dirty and unwashable, I guess works fine as a seat too.

  10. S***n

    Good for my dog he is 16lb. He loves his new bed.

  11. T***s

    Bought this for a trip to the mountains. Worked out perfect for my 8lb chihuahua but would work fit last her dog too! She slept for 3 hours in it.

  12. W***y

    Many of the other brands cost twice as much. Can’t imagine what they have that this one doesn’t? My dog has gotten more skittish in the car with age. She started standing up instead of lying down and looked really uncomfortable on trips. This seat is well padded and doesn’t slip around on the seat. As soon as she got it, she was able to lie down and relax.

  13. R***r

    Very nice and durable small dog bed. It works as advertised. I would recommend as an upgrade, to have the ability to rotate the bed 90 degrees and mount it also. Also a removable fleece cover would be nice. We have added a cheap walmart fleece blanket to ours and the dog loves it.

  14. A***r

    Bought this for my 3-year-old pug and he just fits in it and he’s quite small so would say it’s more for a toy breed of dog it’s very soft and comfy and it fit perfectly in the back of my fiat 500

  15. C***r

    I love this seat and so does my Frenchie! It was so easy to put in my car and my Frenchie loved sitting in it. She could see out the window and looked very comfortable sitting in the car. The only complaint is that it smelled weird when I took it out of the vacuum seal but I let it air out for a few days and it lost that smell. I haven’t had to wash it yet but it looks like it will be easy to wash. It feels like a dog bed.

  16. S***r

    Very cute little sofa, the dog likes this sofa very much, strangely, my little baby also likes this sofa very much.

  17. A***l

    Would give it 5 starts if it was easier to wash. Otherwise, great purchase!

  18. C***k

    I think it would be one of the best seats for my lil pup. She loves to snuggle in it during long rides, I think it actually calms her down quite a bit. More security straps would make it perfect, but for now – 4 stars.

  19. S***a

    First opened the package, the dog ran over to sit on to use it, I found a totov because bought a sofa don’t love me, he is more like a sofa, a day lying on the sofa for a long time, maybe she really like it, feel the dog become lazy, because the sofa is too lovely, I think I will fall in love with this sofa, because I love my dog.

  20. E***y

    This is a snuggly soft seat, just perfect for your spoiled princess or prince. My dog just loves jumping in and sitting in this chair.

  21. J***e

    Have had this set for quite a while now, can guarantee you won’t regret buying this. The only thing I’m not satisfied with is that it’s a bit hard for the set to come back to its original shape after the washing, but it’s fine otherwise.

  22. M***d

    Super soft and the perfect size for our puppy. Washes well too!

  23. S***a

    I really like this bed carrier, easier transportation of my toy poodle and very comfortable feel too! she’s normally very picky with dog beds 😂

  24. S***r

    Loving it

  25. Z***k

    My dog loves his little car seat. He’s 10 pounds and just settles in comfortably when we get in the car

  26. J***n

    Honestly I’m surprised how well these beds worked out. My dogs usually pace and jump around in the car, but with these beds they just sunk into them and slept. I did pad the space between the beds with a pillow so that they could sprawl out if they needed to. And I had the beds set up for a few days in my apartment so they could get used to sleeping in them before they were in the car. Even my cat likes them! I wish the beds were a few inches longer. My dogs at 25 lbs are right on the border of being able to fit into the bed.

  27. J***t

    Loved this car seat so much I ended up buying a second one. Very plush. My puppy loves it. Perfect size, my dog will not outgrow it. You could fit up to probably a 20 – 25 pound dog no problem. The only thing I don’t love is the color. I could only get white that’s all they had. So for sure I have to cover with a blanket.

  28. P***s

    My dogs (10 lb papillon and 17 lb Japanese chin) are obsessed with this. We aren’t even using it as a car seat because as soon as I set it down in the house, the papillon jumped in and rolled around, claiming it. And he NEVER likes dog beds! I’m actually considering buying a second so they don’t have to fight over it. It’s incredibly soft and obviously cozy, judging by how they snuggle up in it! Four paws up.

  29. I***a

    My dog loves this car seat so much. It is really safe to use. When she rides in the car, she likes to lie in it and sleep quietly. It is safe for her to ride in the car and she will not run, and jump around. sometimes my dog gets carsickness, I always take her to travel, a long distance, so this car seat is helps a lot. I often take my dog to the beach. Every time I take her to the beach, my car will become very dirty. With this car seat, she will not move, and jump and this car seat is so easy to clean.

  30. M***y

    My puppy kept crying and yelping when we took car rides. She would dig and tear up the inside of her soft-sided kennel and pace back in forth. I tried covering her kennel with a towel, but that only made her behavior worse. So I decided to try this seat instead. I thought maybe having her out in the open instead of in a kennel would help. It certainly has made a HUGE difference in the way she behaves in the car. I buckle her in the seat, and within 10 minutes, she’s already sleeping. Wish I bought this earlier because she’s sure to grow out of it within the next month!

  31. G***t

    Love it! My dog likes to try to get in my lap while I’m driving and even with the past cheap carseats he has had, he has tried to climb to get to my lap. With this one i kept it in the house a couple days so it would smell like us and he could get a feel for it and then we moved it to the car and he loves it! He almost fell asleep as soon as i picked him up and put him in it! It’s really cozy and super fast to put in the car so i’d say it’s pretty transferable. I like it a lot so far. Glad i spent the extra cash and got a quality one! Def recommend. He has lots of room to lay down and its a great height so he can look out the window while laying down. He is about 20 to 22 pounds and the seat itself in the car is sturdy! Doesn’t rock around or anything. Great 😊

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